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Danke an alle, mit denen ich bisher auf diesem Weg in Verbindung treten durfte. Was für eine göttliche Erfahrung ist es, die Präsenz mit solch unglaublichen Seelen auf der ganzen Welt zu teilen.

Hier sind wir, während wir uns gegenseitig durch die Blockaden nach Hause begleiten, das Bewusstsein erhöhen und als globale Familie in der Verbundenheit wachsen.


Ich bin dankbar für diese Erfahrungen mit Ihnen. Erzählen Sie mir von Ihrer Sitzung. Ich würde mich freuen, von Ihren einzigartigen Erfahrungen mit mir zu lesen.

White WIld Flowers

I am so grateful for Sarah Snow, and immensely glad that I reached out for her mentorship. She helped me to connect some major “life” puzzle pieces that I was struggling with, and walked by my side to a place where I now understand more than I ever have about “the big picture” and how to direct my focus and energy within it.

The space that Sarah creates is sacred, and her presence within it is rich with intuition, love, and grace. She flowed with me in this space, observed what was in my heart, reciprocated joy for the things I had ascertained, and skillfully illuminated staircases toward things I hadn’t.


It felt as if I came to Sarah with a heap of possible “keys” I’d collected all my life, and she helped me to identify and clean the ones that will truly open doors. It was one of the most incredible spiritual growth experiences I’ve had; it was exactly what I needed at this point in my spiritual journey.

- Phil Price

United States

Hot spring in the forest

Working with Sarah gave me clarity on a great many things.


She taught me that my mind has more control over my life than I ever thought, and that to use it I had to find balance within my life and myself.


She was also extremely open to conversation and deep discussions about things, and always is genuinely interested in what I had to say.


She levelled with me in a way nobody ever really had before and I am impressed at just how much my life changed after one session


Highly recommended for anyone. 

Dante Batra

United States


I am beyond blessed to work with Sarah. Not only is she an exceptional human being; she is also profoundly wise intuitive and knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

When I came to her I was seriously unwell and in the shortest time she helped me to overcome and work through my chronic pain and other areas of physical malaise.


I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. Beautiful inside and out.


As a professional trauma therapist myself I know the importance of a heart to heart connection and Sarah brings this and so much more.


She is a true example of an Angel of Love, Light and Healing.

Carmel Clark



I really wanted to thank you for today, from the very deeps of my soul and the love of God THANK YOU!!!  I promise I will continue working with you. 


There is so much to be said about my appoint with Sarah Snow today. She is genuine, down to earth, and real.


There is no other way of saying this, but I thank God that I had this meeting today. It has reaffirmed and reinforces everything I have known, but not fully acted on.


There are magic moments in one’s life, but this was miraculously amazing.  


Her reading was accurate and precise and touched on not only what I had to work on, but how to connect with others in a major way.  


Thank you, Sarah for bringing back a piece of home. 

Philip E.

United States

Close Up of Pink Roses

Sarah, ich möchte dir wirklich von ganzem Herzen danken, du bist eine SCHÖNE SEELE

Sie haben zu 100 % die Wahrheit gesagt und vielen Dank, dass Sie die Schichten abgezogen haben. Du hast mir Verständnis, Klarheit und Bestätigung gegeben, was ich die ganze Zeit wusste, ich brauchte das, du hast mich geführt ...

Ich bin überfüllt mit Dankbarkeit.

Veronika Cerva


Orange Blossom

Working with Sarah has been extremely valuable. 

The sessions were full of insights and revelations, to the point where listening to the sessions again (often more than once) was absolutely necessary in order to 'get' everything that was being said. 

the change in my life has been mostly about relaxing more in the awareness that I am, and letting go of the limiting and confused thoughts that pop in, to bigger space of awareness. This may seem like a small thing to get, but it's definitely not, the impact of it has been profound in most (if not all) areas of my life. 

These include a greater sense of peace; a knowing that I am that I am able to face any perceived challenge that comes up in my life; the sense of joy and appreciation for life that has always been in the background of my life has increased and expanded; and I was able to commit to making decision that will for sure change the course of the rest of my life. 

If you're struggling in your life, whether it's because of something specific, or even if you're just bothered by a nagging sense of discontent, work with Sarah and listen to the sessions more than once. If your experience is anything like mine, your experience of life, and your level of awareness will improve a lot!

John S


Calm Lake

I would definitely recommend Labyrinth Holistic Health for anyone seeking healing. 

I got the Emotional Healing Package and it was 100% worth it. I am much better now after our healing sessions and I am eternally grateful for what Sarah has helped me work through. 

Sarah is very gifted and God/Source really works through her to get you what you needs. 

Greg Cox

United States

Sea Salt

...a very heart-felt “Thank you”.  I’m still processing our session and I’m in deep gratitude for you and the “work” we will be doing together in the near future. I’m feeling very different since speaking with you.


My heart is lighter yet, there’s an intensity and focus that’s new…. and a Peace I have rarely felt before. It will be July when we start our next session and I cannot wait! I send you happy thoughts and love. Until we meet again… In gratitude      

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Sarah is endowed with the Holy Light that shines brighter than usual. Her grace and wisdom will help you unfold and feel at home and as if speaking with an old friend.


Her wisdom is deep so listen well and sit on it. Sarah may open a page at random in a book and start reading a portion that seems carved for you.This is in the flow of the Light.


She is opening up to humanity a more clear understanding of the very nature of Jesus. Sarah helped me resolve some of the important lingering questions I had in my soul about Jesus since my deconversion from Christianity's dogmas.


I can witness that she was used by the Divine to give me direction and tools to deal with my burdens that I shared with her. Sarah, Thank you for being real.


Orange Blossom

No words for my appreciation, Sarah.


Just thank you from the depths of my heart.

Kendall LaPorte

United States

Adorable Chick

Sarah (Snow) has helped me so much with things I did not even know myself that I needed to work on.


She is very present, calm, non-judgmental, intuitive and wise.


I highly recommend a session with her no matter what you are seeking in your life. You won't regret it.

Carla Trewitz

United States

Field of Flowers

Speaking to you really solidified my reality and purpose.


That was my biggest hurdle, fully believing what I am and what I’m here to do.


Much love to you and many blessings on your journey.


Jamie Hincapie

United States

Wheat Field

Thank you so much Sarah for today's session. 

I felt such a strong connection with you and your beautiful light and energy. I sincerely appreciated all of the wisdom and insightful guidance that you shared with me. 

I feel such a beautiful sense of love and calmness in this moment. 

I look forward to our next session and connecting again on an even deeper level. 

You are so eloquent in your words and wisdom. I love you, thank you, and sincerely appreciate you. 

You are amazing and such a gift. Thank you for your continued service and inspiration. ✨✨✨


John Jane

United States

Glass Cup

Liebe Sarah,  

Wow, das war das beste Beratungsgespräch, das ich je hatte. Es ist, als hätte ich Sachen wie die 12 Schritte zum Erlernen der Meditation gelesen und es total verpasst und gewusst, dass mir etwas fehlt, und mich gefragt, warum das bei mir nicht funktioniert?  

Seit unserem Gespräch habe ich völlig aufgehört, es zu versuchen und einfach zu sein.  

Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir an einer riesigen Wurzel angelangt sind, die meinem Fortschritt im Wege stand, und anstatt die Wurzel zu umgehen, haben wir sie einfach angesprochen, uns durch sie bewegt, damit sie sich auflöst und wir vorwärts gehen.  

Ich habe es so lange so sehr versucht, und jetzt versuche ich es nicht mehr, ich bin nur im Moment, was auch immer das ist.  

Ich danke dir sehr. Gerade jetzt fühle ich so viel Freude und Frieden in dem Wissen, dass ich die Wahl und so viele Möglichkeiten habe. 

Anita Ostrander

Vereinigte Staaten

Green Leaves

Was in dieser Kommunikation – oder besser „Kommunion“ – mit Sarah erlebt wird, kommt jenseits von Worten und jenseits von physischen Erscheinungen.


Der Verstand versucht es zu erfassen und hat keinen Erfolg, aber das Herz umarmt es vollständig in Stille und Frieden.


Sarah, du bist ein Geschenk an die Menschheit.

Adriaan Van Spanje


Afternoon Light

Sarah (Snow) hat mir so sehr bei Dingen geholfen, von denen ich nicht einmal wusste, dass ich daran arbeiten musste.


Sie ist sehr präsent, ruhig, nicht wertend, intuitiv und weise.

Ich kann eine Sitzung mit ihr wärmstens empfehlen, egal, was Sie in Ihrem Leben suchen.

Sie werden es nicht bereuen.

Carla Trewitz

Vereinigte Staaten

Autumn Road

Meine Sitzungen mit Sarah waren transformierend.  

Die Sitzungen halfen mir, Bestätigungen über meinen Lebenszweck zu geben, und erlaubten mir, mich noch zentrierter zu fühlen.  

Sie hat mir auch viel Raum gegeben, um meinen Körper zu heilen, und innerhalb kurzer Zeit haben sich meine Hormone reguliert, mein Ekzem heilt endlich und ich habe den ganzen Tag über mehr Vitalität.  

Ich würde jedem, der heilen und mehr Klarheit über sein Leben haben möchte, wärmstens empfehlen, Sarah zu treffen! 

Bevlyn Khoo



Sarah Snow ist eine intuitive Meisterin von hohem Rang.  Ihre Fähigkeit, Informationen zu empfangen, ist auf einem Niveau, das die meisten nicht für möglich gehalten hätten.  

Sarah ist das am besten vernetzte und talentierteste Medium/Muse, auf das Sie hoffen können, wenn Sie heilen, sich auszeichnen oder einfach nur über das Leben plaudern möchten. Sie ist eine ausgezeichnete Ratgeberin und freundliche Kritikerin.  

Es gibt heute nur noch wenige, die die von Sarah angebotenen Dienstleistungen erbringen können. 

Sie wird geliebt.

Ich schätze meine Zeit mit ihr.

Ich danke ihr für alles, was sie tut.  

Danke schön.  

Freiheit für Scott

Vereinigte Staaten

Tropical Leaves

Snow ist unglaublich anpassungsfähig und voller Weisheit. Was sie mit mir teilt, ist so reichhaltig, praktisch und integrativ.


Die Werkzeuge, die sie mir gegeben hat, sind kraftvoll, effektiv und inspirieren zu gesundem Wachstum.


Ihre Ratschläge sind wie Samen, die nicht nur nachgeben, wenn sie zum ersten Mal gepflanzt werden, sondern sich immer wieder in ihrem Reichtum entfalten.


Es wirft ein neues Licht auf Teile von mir, die mir weniger bewusst sind, und bringt mir viel Klarheit, um mein Leben mit mehr Vertrauen und Vertrauen in meinen Wert zu steuern, und gibt mir viel Hoffnung in meinen Momenten des Kampfes



Climbing Plants

Die Arbeit mit Snow war eine großartige Gelegenheit, die Früchte von Fokus und Absicht zu sehen.


Kombiniert mit der Rechenschaftsweisheit und Anleitung eines transformativen Coaches!

Doug Allen

Vereinigte Staaten


Snow hat die Fähigkeit, Sie an einen Ort der Klarheit und Ausrichtung zu führen, indem er Sie ganz einfach in Ihrem Prozess des Loslassens hält......


Sie hat mir geholfen, mich mit meiner angeborenen Wahrheit in Einklang zu bringen, damit Aspekte meiner Souveränität in Erinnerung bleiben konnten

Freude Phan


red flower

Was für ein toller Austausch mit dir Sarah...


Du bist unglaublich und ich hatte das Gefühl, dass du mich tief aus meiner Seele kennst und mir so eine großartige Anleitung gegeben hast.  Ich fühle eine starke Verbindung zu dir und deine Worte haben mich so sehr bestätigt.


Ich werde Sie auf jeden Fall meinen Freunden, meiner Familie und allen empfehlen, die eine Anleitung auf ihrem "Seelenweg" benötigen.


Du bist unglaublich und ich habe danach buchstäblich vibriert. Ich spüre eine Veränderung und werde Sie definitiv aufsuchen, während ich weiterhin „mit Absicht“ lebe


Viel Liebe!

Marina Echavarria

Vereinigte Staaten

Plant Shadow _edited.jpg

... Ich kann Sarah nicht genug dafür danken, dass sie mich in ihre Atemarbeit eingeführt hat. Dies ist eine schöne, einfache und dennoch tiefgreifende Ergänzung meines Arsenals.


Ich weiß nicht, was als nächstes passieren wird, aber etwas in mir sagt, mach weiter.

Vielen Dank, Sarah, jetzt fühle ich mich bereit, mich kennenzulernen. Du hast Recht, es ist eine Aktivierung.


Ich bin froh, dass ich dich gefunden habe.

Barbi Barbz


White Flowers

Erlebte eine sofortige Verbindung mit Sarah.


Ihre Jugend ist nur in menschlicher Form, da sie die Weisheit von jemandem kanalisiert, der sich eine Million Jahre alt fühlt.


Sarah strahlt intensive Liebe und Wissen aus, das zutiefst persönlich ist.


Hat mir geholfen, mich sofort mit einem Archetyp zu verbinden, der sich selbst bekannt machen und die Teile meiner göttlichen Bestimmung ausfüllen musste, die zutiefst tiefgründig und resonant war.


Ich bin geehrt und dankbar, dass ich die Gelegenheit hatte, mit Sarah zu arbeiten und ihre Gabe der Heilung und Verbindung mit dem Universum zu erfahren.



Jennifer Soccorsi

Vereinigte Staaten


 Ich schreibe dies als Fortsetzung der Seelenpfad-Aktivierungssitzung, die sie Anfang dieser Woche für mich moderiert hat! Sie hat auf Anhieb einen offenen und einladenden Raum für mich als Kundin geschaffen, und der Gesprächsfluss war so einfach wie aufschlussreich!

Sarah ist definitiv das einzig Wahre.

Sie gab mir eine genaue Lektüre darüber, wo ich auf meiner spirituellen Reise stehe, die Rolle eines geliebten Menschen in meinem Leben und praktische Ratschläge, wie ich in meine Kraft treten kann! Nicht nur ihre Weisheit ist von unschätzbarem Wert, ihre Präsenz ist auch unglaublich liebevoll.

Die Sitzung fühlte sich an, als würde ich mich mit einem alten Freund treffen.

Ich bin sehr dankbar für die Erfahrung in der Zusammenarbeit mit ihr und freue mich darauf, ihre Dienste in Zukunft in Anspruch zu nehmen. Wenn Sie erwägen, in irgendeiner Funktion mit Sarah zusammenzuarbeiten, ermutige ich Sie dringend, dies zu tun.

Ray Kety

Vereinigte Staaten


Meine Sitzung mit Snow war wirklich transformierend.


Etwas über meine Seelenaufgabe zu erfahren und auf einer hohen Schwingungsebene zu kommunizieren, war eine dringend benötigte Verbindung.


Ich kam zu der Sitzung mit dem Gefühl, nicht geerdet und etwas verwirrt zu sein.

Ich verließ das Gefühl, zentriert und mit meiner höchsten Wahrheit verbunden zu sein.


Ich empfehle Snow jedem, der Orientierung auf seinem Weg sucht.


Wir haben die Macht und das Wissen...


Schnee hilft uns nur, uns zu erinnern und uns zurückzubringen.

Al’der Mehani


California Academy of Sciences

Über meinen heutigen Termin mit Sarah Snow gibt es so viel zu sagen.  

Sie ist echt, bodenständig und echt.  

Es gibt keine andere Möglichkeit, dies zu sagen, aber ich danke Gott, dass ich heute dieses Treffen hatte.

Es hat alles bestätigt und verstärkt, was ich gewusst habe, aber nicht vollständig darauf reagiert.


Es gibt magische Momente im Leben, aber dies war präzise und berührte nicht nur, woran ich arbeiten musste, sondern auch, wie ich mich auf eine wichtige Weise mit anderen verbinden konnte.  

Danke Sarah, dass du ein Stück Heimat zurückgebracht hast.  

Philipp Elcock

Vereinigte Staaten

Wild Flowers

Ich glaube an Serendipity/Synchronizität, wie auch immer man es nennt. Sarah zu treffen, wenn auch virtuell, ist ein glücklicher Zufall.  

Ich bin so glücklich, diese schöne und großzügige Person zu treffen.  

Meine Take-Aways aus unserer Sitzung sind „achten Sie auf die Verwendung von „sollte“ und „könnte“ und „es ist Ihre eigene Stimme, die Sie hören, wenn Ihr höheres Selbst mit Ihnen kommuniziert“, weil ich ein seltsames Flüstern in der Luft erwartet habe. :P  

Sarah, ich danke dir aus tiefstem Herzen. 

Sie haben mir geholfen, die Antwort auf eine sehr grundlegende Frage zu finden, mit der ich mich seit über 20 Jahren auseinandersetze.  

Langkara Larow


My session with Sarah was a catalyst in connecting my spiritual experiences with my practical life and the expansion that I felt burgeoning.


Elements of my life that once felt erratic, intense and startling, came into alignment with her guidance and intuitive nudging.


What was central to the potency of the session was Sarah’s insistence on lifting the sublime nature and simplicity of an awakened life that I felt existed but could not find. It is with a gentle whisper we are all changed,


Sarah speaks with these whispers, fluently, so much so that she helped me find and trust it within myself.


What she offers is a confident companion willing to take your hand and help you find your way home after the street lights have come on… be prepared to meet yourself.”





United States

Yellow And White Flowers

I am still glowing after my session with Sarah yesterday and looking forward to listening to the recording. 


It was a beautifully wholistic, symbiotic connection that got right to the heart of the matter and felt like an on the spot healing.


I felt so affirmed and nurtured and so attuned to the guided meditations and non-verbal visions and sensations, it left me wanting more.


After the session the physical distress I was feeling had disappeared and has stayed disappeared today. I feel hopeful and excited and truly grateful.

Anne Nayer

US Virgin Islands

Wild Nature

Sarah is a beautiful vessel of sacred truth and wisdom. My session with her was so deep and so profound; it shook me to my core.


It’s taken me months to integrate and prepare to live into her words.


I’ve returned to our recording, and I’ve used it to orient myself on my journey.

I hold deep gratitude to Sarah for her being and her work in this world.

Shine on.

Sakeenah S. El-Amin

United States

Hot spring in the forest

"The "Soul Path Activation Session" really delivered what it promised. A few days after our session, I had clarity about my "career path".


I realized I was currently on the right path with my work in writing and dance but needed to take it to a higher dimension, the soul dimension.


This realization was perfectly aligned with my gut, heart and head. Now I am slowly walking the path."




I grew up in a very conservative christian environment in East Texas where I still live. While I’m grateful for my family and those around me that invested in me, I could sense that there was both truth and much more to the story than I was being told. I had no idea what that “much more”  was and I knew deep down that the people I was supposed to go to with questions didn’t have the answers either. Throughout several occasions in my life, I’ve felt a deep vibrating sense of “God’s” (don’t get hung up on the word “God” if that’s triggering for you) love throughout my body, felt the deliciousness of presence, heard music that wasn’t being played by anyone here, or felt what I think is best described as “knowings” on a several occasions. To keep it brief, I knew deeply that whoever “God” was, it’s essence was Love and even though the dogma, teachings, actions, and scriptures that I grew up with didn’t all line up with that, I assumed that what didn’t line up, God would eventually reveal to me how it made sense. To put it like this: I grew up within a system, a culture, a way of seeing the world accompanied with certain language and terminology, I grew up within a box as most of the world does in various forms, then I had these experiences so I assumed they must be attributed to and eventually  explained by the box of belief that I grew up in. That the God that I knew was Love must be the God described by the form of Christianity I grew up in and only that one.

In my mid-twenties I left the church not originally intending to never go back but definitely feeling a pull to completely step outside of the culture that I had lived in to view it from the outside, to learn from that perspective, and to ask any question I desired regardless of whether it fit neatly inside the box I had lived in. Over the next 6 years God did reveal more of itself, first by breaking down almost all my early beliefs until all that I could comfortably and honestly say is that we are to Love God (whoever that is) and love people. The last few years God has been slowly revealing more of itself to me just like I desired when I was young but it doesn't fit inside or look like the Christian box that I grew up with. In short,I find it moving in and out of everything. I find sparks of God everywhere.

Two months ago I reached out to Sarah, feeling a pull that she was someone that I could open up to. I felt that she knew the same things I knew yet in a more embodied way and would be able to help me grow in understanding. I’m so grateful that I followed that pull! During our first session, my story was incredibly jumbled but she held space for that and tuned into what my heart was trying to get at, which is Knowing and Embodying presence for myself. not simply intellectual belief and endlessly searching for answers in books. I want to KNOW me, I want to KNOW God, I want to KNOW you not just occasionally, I want to live in that flow and from it. As I was stumbling trying to get everything out, Sarah had us pause, we breathed and brought peace and presence into the call. She helped me shift my focus to my own breath, to the presence within me. She helped remind me of the felt, lived experience of God inside of me. Calling me to look and to know within myself. How can you be skeptical of what you yourself experience inside of you? And how can you know what lies there if you never look?


She was guided to read pages from a book that directly mirrored lyrics in songs that I had written, things that I knew but that I needed to pursue. She read “So I ask you to not look within the world but to look within the heart for what you will continually find there because your truth has already been written on the heart and by seeking there and no longer in the world will you find the confirmation that you are looking for. For you do not know the truth when you hear it, you know it when it is written on your heart, it is written on your heart because it is you.” I had written 2 year prior “You are the law of love, written on our hearts, through all of history, just like the cycle of life, we make way for the breath of God.” So much of my understanding of my lyrics correlates to to what she read and spoke throughout the meeting. 


In subsequent meetings, she helped me work through breaking generational cycles of hurt, judgements, pride, and disregard, looks like. A form of “burying the hatchet” but showing what that looks like specifically in my situation. As soon as she said it, it clicked immediately, it seemed so obvious and simple yet had somehow remained elusive. It was like a light bulb I had been fumbling in the dark trying to find that she merely flipped the switch to. In doing the work after that meeting I’ve already seen so much repair with my parents. 


In parallel with our meetings I had been doing reiki, tarot, and plant medicine with a healer locally. To go into all the synchronicity between the two would take too long but the tarot cards that I received here not only spoke directly to my personal meditations, music, previous things that Sarah had said etc, but were directly in line with the tarot cards that Sarah pulled. She doesn't always use them but had felt led to use them for me not knowing that we had just done them locally. These cards continued to confirm so much that had come up in various forms regarding breaking ancestral patterns, looking within myself, letting go of my identity, serving others, and more.


Lastly, Sarah gave me more breathwork tools to settle into the stillness, to feel the energetic body, to look within, to dwell, to embody peace and love, to increase awareness and presence, to know God. I could go on for much longer, but I’ll finish with this: Sarah held non-judgemental space for me and moved through the meetings from her spirit. These two things allowed for the openness on my part, and allowed her to cut straight to the root of an issue, block, word to speak, or re-orienting of the meeting through breath and presence. Through this we covered so much territory in a short amount of time. I’m incredibly grateful for Sarah and that she has decided to share her light with others.


I look forward to meeting again!" 

Connor Walters

United States


I have worked with Sarah for a few sessions. She was incredible in guiding me figure out what messages I was getting through my dreams and more.


She helped me understand for the first time in my life what self love truly looks like and how to put that in practice. She has an inner knowing and wisdom which is extraordinarily helpful in helping her clients.

My sessions with Sarah definitely accelerated my awakening process by a lot.


What I learned with her in a few weeks took me a lot longer to learn before. They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives, perhaps I was ready but without her help I still wouldn’t have reached the understanding as fast as I did.

I highly recommend working one on one with her.. even if you are not fully ready Sarah can help identify what you need to work on and that's worth everything!

Sanjida A.

United States

Mountians and Lake

I highly recommend working one on one with Snow.


Her natural abilities to connect with source and you as a client is a life changing experience.

I am still integrating my experience, but overall the amount of release, catharsis and healing that occurred in our session has allowed me to have the courage to step into my truth in both my relationship and career.


Snow is her authentic self and it gave me the permission to also be my true self. The environment she creates is very loving, safe and open.


Thank you Snow for the work you do for others. your light is very bright and shines everywhere you go

Aimee Irene


Winding Roads

Everything you say always resonates so strongly with me, and beyond your words, your energy reminds me to remain connected to truth. Even though it has been a couple of months since our last session, I think of you often, and my journal falls open to the pages of notes that I took from the sessions, so that I can integrate more. Your words and teachings are still rippling through me.